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Bittorrent is the way to download today, but some nasty ISP's block tracker connections.
Even more, some ISP's interfere connections to BT Trackers.
If it is the latest Linux iso or your favourite TV-Show....
GT Guard VPN or Socks5 Proxy!

We take this privacy business very seriously and do our best so that you can
use our service to the fullest. If you have issues or something is not working
for you, you only need to open a support ticket and we will help you ASAP!
We are here to give you the best possible support if you have any setup issues
or other things you need. Works with SSL enabled Trackers!

Our VPN servers work with PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN support without any traffic limit!

New for the upcomming OSX update:
Because pptp VPN's will be not usable with MacOS Sierra we additionally offer a L2TP version!
This option is very secure ,reliable and stable but we have limited availability!

ISP's Interfere BT Traffic!
Use GT Guard to remove this limitation and connect to other peers without any problem
you even can download with full speed again!
Don't let anyone spy on your private internet traffic.
Government Censorship!
Some governments block access to BT Trackers,
and few countrys have decided to block websites,
intentional or not! don't let them do this to you!
Spying on BT Trackers!
Public trackers are known to have issues with privacy,not with GT Guard!
Instead of your public IP being shown, it's replaced with our proxy IP.
Don't think you are safe, because you won't notice anything when under surveillance.
Don't be scammed by pushy or threatening e-mails about the torrents you download.
It's a very popular tactic that companies use by sniffing your public IP in the tracker and
sending demanding messages. Take yourself out of that equation, because with
GT Guard they will see our IP instead, so let them send it to our inbox where it will be ignored.

B Never fall prey to this scam, it can cost you more than it's worth.
Log Files!
Our service doesn't log any activity or IP's flowing into the tracker. We keep no logs
of your torrent information for our safety, and most importantly, your safety!
This service is compatible with almost any Public or Private BT Tracker.
Your data is passed to the originating tracker as there were no proxy involved.
Software installation isn't required on your computer, this service works on all platforms
as long as your client supports setting up a p2p proxy.
Client Recomendations!
We recommend using UTorrent or Bittorrent 6.1.3 for using our service.
Some clients require a plugin or do not work at all.
No need to install or download anything from this site!
  • Windows -> Vuze,uTorrent
  • Mac -> Vuze, uTorrent
  • Linux -> KTorrent
Always use the current version!
The VPN client is build into most Windows and Macs!
What is the difference ,VPN or Proxy?

A little explanation what the major difference is
between those two services we offer:

The VPN protects ALL traffic you generate. That means that your browser, your email client and anything in between are
safe from being spied on, because you get a different IP when using it!

The Socks5 Proxy is there to protect your privacy
when using a bitorrent client of your choice
( If it supports P2P over proxy)
all other traffic from your browser or email client will not be affected by it.

A little feedback.

Just wanted to say, to be fair, that in Vuze, the proxy service is working FANTASTIC!
I can saturate my connection at about 610 kbyte/s (out of a possible 630 kbyte/s).
This works much better than I could have ever anticipated.
I have spent several years tolerating horrendous torrent performance.
I can't believe the solution was this easy and economical!.....
Because of Bell's throttling, until recently, I've had to watch for new movies then search for them on Megaupload (or wait over a week for them to download in uTorrent!).
Kudos on such a great initiative!....


I'll stick with the "full" - I'm more than sure now that my ISP (scumbag DODO) has been slowing torrents from GT
I used to get max 120kb on a good day, usually.

Yay, demonoid works again with gtguard, thank you guys;)

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